My website offers 2 sizes of bouquet to purchase online, regular at £25 and large at £40. If you require anything else, whether it’s party flowers, table vase flowers, event flowers, celebration flowers or something bespoke then please contact me via the contact page and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Fresh flowers are harvested and conditioned to give you the longest vase life from them which will vary according to the variety of flower. The wrapping is eco friendly and can be recycled.

To enjoy your fresh flowers use a clean vase, add clean fresh water and change the water daily. Cut a centimetre off the bottom of the flower stems every other day. These tips will help you to maximise the vase life of the flowers.

My flowers are grown for the vase only, they are not intended to be used as decoration on food or eaten.

My fresh flowers are available locally weekly during the growing season from late March to October (weather dependent).

Collection can be arranged from my home in Copthorne for either early morning or late afternoon.

Why Whorls?

A whorl is a botanical term that means a radial arrangement of leaves, sepals, petals, stamens and carpels. There are 4 whorls in each flower. As flowers are so intricate, beautiful and many have the most delicious scent, I was inspired by a word that captured all of these elements.