I dry many different types of flowers and grasses, only a small selection of individual types such as Allium seedheads and strawflowers are listed in the shop but I have many more available. Please use the contact page if you are interested in something specific or for a list of what I have in stock.

My dried flower bouquets and wreaths are all unique, if you would like something made as a bespoke request please use the contact page.

I harvest my flowers for drying at the optimal time to allow them to preserve their form and colour as much as possible. All of my flowers and grasses are dried naturally, without the use of chemicals, bleaches and dyes so that they can be handled and enjoyed safely. After their drying period, the dried flowers are stored carefully to keep them in the best possible condition.

My flowers are grown for the vase only, they should not be used as decoration on food or eaten.

Dried flowers can be posted for delivery within the British mainland, or you can arrange to collect from me if you are local to Copthorne. Collection is by appointment.

Why Whorls?

A whorl is a botanical term that means a radial arrangement of leaves, sepals, petals, stamens and carpels. There are 4 whorls in each flower. As flowers are so intricate, beautiful and many have the most delicious scent, I was inspired by a word that captured all of these elements.